Some Caspian Photos

From Kristull Caspian Ranch in Austin Texas

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Darkhorse Siydeh, 3 year old rose gray stallion. Ten hands, about 300 pounds. Imported from England.

Siydeh -- An Arabian in miniature.

Caspians are incredibly talented and athletic.

An Arabian in miniature.

Mares and foals

Runnymede Karamat is the sire of Darius and Qapri.

Shaliby in Florida

Runnymede Beryl imported from England (Jewel)

Runnymede Beryl and her 1997 son, Kristull Jewel of Thunder

Kristull Qapri, our first filly. Daughter of Runnymede Karamat (imported from England) and Tandara Hamara Qamri (imported from Australia)

Runnymede Beryl's 1996 son, Kristull Jewel of Darius (left) and her 1997 son, Kristull Jewel of Thunder

Darius is a jokester and delights in stealing anything that you might want to keep.

Caspians can carry more weight than you would imagine. Munica is ridden by a man of 135 pounds. Shalaby is trained by Ann at 110 pounds plus tack.

Henden Hannibal in full winter coat.
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