Henden Kiaffta

Page Made at Kristull Caspian Ranch in Austin Texas, 1999

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I am sorry that these pictures are so dark, but they are snapshots that were sent by one of the people at the display that Ki gave at the Caspian Horse Society Annual Meeting in September, 1999 when Louise Firouz came to visit.

Ki (pronounced Key) is a very pretty boy, sired by Persicus Nicky (imported to England from Iran) and out of Henden Affaf, born June 1, 1995. He was directly imported to the US from England.

Henden Kiaffta is trained by Allen Pogue in Austin, Texas

He is a very willing student and has learned to: mount a pedistal

From there, he can walk a plank, wave to the crowd, or just survey the world. He is taught to stay until released.

He shakes hands, answers "yes" and "no"

He also lays down, and sits up and smiles. Notice that there is no halter or other control over the horse. I would have to ask what else he knows, but Allen would be happy to teach his new owners how to work with him. Oh, he has pulled a cart and worn a saddle -- although a kid has been on him for photos, he is too young to really ride.

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