Donau Eschingen 1998
Some Photos of Dogs from the Donau Eschingen Germany
Sighthound Show 1998
August 1 and 2, 1998
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Our trip was one of the most exciting and pleasant that we have had in years.

Here are some photos of the fun, unique dogs that were in attendance.

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Being a Borzoi person, I thought that I would start with the lovely Borzoi that won BIS on the second day of judging. He is Gustopsowaya's Pyostriy Prizor (Ch. Javidov as Aftab Faizabad X Gustopsowaya's Ruselka's Rozova) owned by Roos and v.d. Broek of the Nederlands. Note the lovely castle in the background. The people are the judges and officials from the show.

Another view of Gustopsoways's Pyostriy Prizor

There was an Azawakh specialty at the Saturday show with more than 30+ Azawakh's entered. This dog came from Georgia at just 15 months of age to win the specialty, the BIS on Saturday and ultimately the BIS for the entire weekend. His name is Kusaylah Al-Ifriqiya (Kel Tarbanassen Firhoun X Jana) owned by David Moore of Toccoa, Georgia.

A rare photo of three rare sighthound breeds. On the left is an Azawakh, on the right are two Gaglos Espanoles, and in the middle are two Silken Windhounds, Nuna and Ingot. This gives an idea of the comparative sizes. The Azawakh is no larger than an average Saluki. The Galgo Espanol is significantly smaller than the Scottish Deerhound. And the Silken Windhound is also only knee high. These are both some of the larger ones at about 21 1/2 to 22 inches. Nuna (on the left) is out of a smooth bitch and is just barely a year, so will grow much more coat. Ingot is 15 months and also in Texas-in-August coat.

Another view of the Galgo Espanol. When I asked the girl on the right, what possessed her to get this dog, she answered that she loved the Scottish Deerhounds, but wanted a smaller dog . Now, I can certainly understand that point of view.

This is one of the cutest guys around. When people talk about creating a miniature Deerhound, this is the cross that most often is suggested. He is a cross between a Bedlington Terrier and a Whippet. The owners told me that he is somewhat of a nightmare, with the speed of the Whippet and the personality of a terrier.

Drake was one of our favorite pets. He was a wooly Scottish Deerhound. His litter had the exact statistical outcome of breeding two dogs together that carry the same recessive (long hair, in this case), of two woolies out of eight puppies. The other wooly was a fine open field courser in California, along with her wirehaired sister.

This was after Drake grew up, on a trip to Canada in February 1986. All of the dogs that we took on that trip loved the snow -- probably their first and last experience with it.

This is a miniature Afhgan Hound that I saw at the St. Louis Scottish Deerhound specailty several years ago. He was a darling boy and the girl who owned him loved him very much. He was not even as big as he looks, maybe 18 inches and 20 pounds?

This photo is just for fun. You get to guess the identity.

Check out stamps for many dog breeds.

Not a Whippet with long hair, not a small Borzoi, but a Silken Windhound.

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