Snowcastle Borzoi

Just 15 minutes of walking from the city edge, is the most wonderful paradise. A preserved area about 25 km X 60 km "Jarvataltet".

Yermolff in his favorite sofa in the summer cabin.

Yermolff and grandfather. Yermoloff loves water!

This is the essence of Sputnik. Friendly, curious, sometimes a bit "moping" and not a litte bit stupid!
He is 2 years old in these photos.

Sputnik at four years.

Sputnik at five years.

Yermoloff at 4 years.

Yermoloff at 5 years.

Spoiled? What do you mean?

May 1993 on Jarvataltet 15 minutes of walking from home.

They simply adore my grandfather.
The island is called Tyvo, and this is Tyvo in the summer of 1990.